Oil Change Service in Garnett, KS

Close up view of oil being poured from a bottle

Oil Change Service at Victory Ford of Garnett

The automotive experts in the Victory Ford of Garnett service department are eager to help customers add to the longevity and dependability of all their vehicles with professional oil change service. Sadly, many vehicle owners underestimate the importance of oil changes and the added value of having the service provided at a trusted dealership service department. The team at Victory Ford of Garnett service department wants customers to understand that not only do they change the oil and oil filter, but they also provide a professional inspection of many other aspects of your vehicle when it is in for service. This allows them to locate any unusual signs of wear and tear or hazards so they can alert you of these potential issues.

The Value of Regular Professional Oil Changes at Victory Ford of Garnett

The environment inside a vehicle engine is hot, and when the moving parts heat up, they can easily be damaged by friction and heat. Quality motor oil is the only way to protect these essential metal components from becoming destroyed as they are doing their job to power your car. In addition, quality motor oil will transport carbon and metal shavings to the oil filter before they can damage the motor.

If you hear ticking sounds or chattering from your vehicle’s engine, it could be a sign that the engine oil is old and degraded. Without replacement quickly, your car’s motor is sure to suffer damage that will shorten its life expectancy and performance and also decrease your fuel economy. A visit to Victory Ford of Garnett’s service department is the best way to ensure that no damage occurs and that your car continues to deliver the reliability you need.

When to Schedule an Oil Change at Victory Ford of Garnett

Most newer vehicles recommend an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Older models could require more frequent oil changes, or the use of oil formulated specifically to meet the needs of an older engine. You can locate the precise information regarding your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change frequency in your owner’s manual or contact the Victory Ford of Garnett service department with the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Our friendly staff is happy to provide that information and schedule your next oil change appointment.

Understanding How Your Driving Can Impact the Frequency of Oil Changes

Most owner’s manuals will comment on the driving conditions and how the environment can alter the time between oil changes. If you live in an excessively hot or dusty area, more frequent oil changes are recommended. The wear and tear that causes oil to break down is also increased when you do a significant amount of stop-and-go or city driving. If you rarely go on the highway or make extended trips, you should consider more frequent oil changes to protect the life and function of your vehicle’s engine.

The Victory Ford of Garnett service department is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM and on Saturday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM to answer any questions you have about when to bring your vehicle in from Chanute or Iola for a professional oil change. We also welcome you to use our handy online scheduler.